You will find a Shiviling / Shiva Lingam in different materials, wood, crystals, metal or, like above, a "parad shivling" made of mercury, a liquid metal, the shape of which is considered the purest.

A lingam generally symbolizes a phallus, in this case the phallus of Lord Shiva. Although Shiva is considered a destroyer by Hindu beliefs, creation follows destruction. The Lingam is therefore associated with the sexual union of Shiva and Parvati, which leads to creation. It is a symbol of the reproductive power of the universe.

A shivalingam is attached to a base that is shaped like a yoni. The structure symbolizes the highest creative energy.
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What is the mercury all about ...

The human mind is mostly volatile, like mercury. When it is stabilized through various processes and a Parad Shivalingam arises from it, it has an enormously stabilizing effect on the person sitting next to it and meditating. It strengthens the spiritual strength, the will and promotes health. You can also work with harmonizing family relationships. Parad is considered the sperm of Lord Shiva. In the Brahma Purana, for example. said whoever devotedly worships a Parad Shivling should attain true joys and at last achieve the ultimate goal, salvation.

The Shivling in Hinduism

The actual worship begins with bathing; first with water mixed with earth and then with water mixed with panchagavya (ritual mixture). The lingam is coated with sandalwood paste and flowers and leaves are offered. Arati / Aarti (light presentation) and the recitation of mantras follow. Shiva is believed to be very hot and bathing and applying sandalwood paste soothe him.