Agua de Florida 

is probably one of the world's best known and most sought-after floral waters. There are many recipes for a fragrant and soothing Florida Water, so-called classics are the Agua de Florida Cologne (a bit tart, refreshing and clearer) and the Agua de Florida Peru (flowery-soft and sensual).

People came up with the idea of producing fine flower water thousands of years ago. These were and are mostly used in situations that are meant to raise or raise above everyday life, i.e. in smaller and larger rituals (from a flower bath to contacting ancestors, spirit beings or the divine energy) as well as ceremonies or sacrifice. and thanksgiving.

Agua de Florida is thus something that can be given / sacrificed to people, subtle beings, spirits, our earth, the divine, there is an interest, a benefit, a usability of those to accept it, to receive ... as it is with others known gifts such as tobacco, cereals, fruits, flowers or coins.

Agua de Florida products impress with their purity and quality as well as their simplicity and naturalness. The manufacturers Lanman & Kemp-Barclay have been around since 1808, and they still use the secret recipe from back then. So much to be said, you will find the following fixed components or essential oils in it ... just to get a more concrete picture of it ...

Lavender, lemon, bergamot, neroli, rose and cinnamon

As mentioned, there are various possible uses, starting as a bath additive, for body care, as aftershave, cologne, eau de toilette, for disinfection, air improvement and energetic cleaning of rooms and places, for the human and animal aura as well as for addressed ritual work, in shamanism or as an offering.

Shamanism in South America

On the South American continent, Agua de Florida is used very frequently by shamans. There, 20 different uses and cleaning, protective qualities are attributed to the water. It is also said to attract healing spirits.

In addition to ritual use in sacrifices and thanksgiving, it is also used in spells to remove unwanted thought forms and strong or unfavorable vibrations. It is said to promote true emotional expression while calming too much talk and uncertain emotions. Places where there are too many different energies should be easier to balance. Many use it as holy water, for cleaning, for happiness, protection and blessings, as a kind of food for the psyche, for spiritual and shamanic journeys.